Free property viewing tour

Are you interested in buying property on the Turkish coast? The company Confidence Real Estate is pleased to invite you to a free introduction tour to sunny Turkey with its unick hospitality! As part of the introduction tour, you can look any apartments or villas that you found interesting in our catalog, as well as check out the climate, infrastructure, the excellent turkish food and other features of the life in the city and region where you plan to purchase your dream home.
We are ready to offer you a huge selection of magnificent apartments or villas all over in Turkey from the smallest charmful places in a coastline to bigger vibrant dynamic cities.
The introduction tour is usually 3-4 days and can be organized in weekends, for example, from Thursday to Sunday, or at any other time of your convenients and period. Tickets search, all transport costs, transfer from / to the airport and booking a hotel room or comfortable apartments we organize. During the entire tour you will be accompanied by an English-speaking real estate agent who will answer all your questions and consult you in a process of buying property and after-sales service.

The program of the introduction tour:

       1. Upon arrival at the airport, our representative will meet you and provide a transfer to a comfortable hotel, where you can relax after the trip.
       2. The next day our agent will guide you in a sightseeing tour of selected real estate objects and will show you the infrastructure of the city.
       3. We will provide you a full consultation in the purchase process.
       4. If you decide to buy a property, you can make 5-10% advance payment of the object`s value, and we will discuss the further stages of the transaction. If necessary we can give information regarding                  installment, bank loan, power of attorney etc.
       5. Upon completion of the introduction tour, we will provide you with a return transfer to the airport.

Confidence Real Estate will be there for your assistant to complete a safe purchase as well as a wide range of after-sales services!
To order a free tour, contact us to discuss the details of the tour.

* The introduction tour does not tie you to make any purchase. Should we agree upon a sales contract we will fully compensate your expenses for air travel, transfer and hotel accommodation.



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